YET was founded in 2008 as a group for young entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs to support and promote the exchange of ideas and conditions necessary for innovation and entrepreneurship.  Also, YET is supporting leadership in entrepreneurship, structural changes and networking with businesses in Greece, EU & the USA for mentoring and mutually beneficial partnerships. We firmly aim to help our dynamic audience (college students, young professionals, start-ups, future entrepreneurs) improve their managerial, networking and leadership skills through our activities.

YET activities include meetings, seminars, workshops and informal networking opportunities. Many of our activities and events have been co-hosted and co-organised along with public and private educational institutions in Thessaloniki and North Greece (Universities, Colleges, Technical Colleges). We have partnered with local SMBs, MNCs, Academics, journalists, entrepreneurs, Business Angels and Venture Capitalists.

YET is committed to skill development and networking. Therefore, YET has organised a series of informative and training seminars with a variety of guest speakers and dozens of participants. We have also hosted invitation-only round table discussions, network luncheon dinners and open events with up to 200 participants (college students, young professionals, business managers – employees). Topics have ranged from financing start-ups and seed capital / venture capital to innovation, creativity, from business values / ethics to leadership issues. YET also participates in many EU activities / programs.

Contact Info

Contact person: Tsoulis Vasileios (President of the Board)
Tel.: + 30 6973719361